"If you are looking for good friends and neighbors, activities galore, competent staff and EXCELLENT food, then look no farther than The Village at Brookwood."

Bud and Bobbi Crampton, Residents


Dining is an important aspect of our lives as we refresh ourselves both through the food we eat and the company we keep. At The Village at Brookwood, we have two distinct dining venues, both offering superb quality and variety in the foods offered.

At The Village at Brookwood, we know we have excellent food; in fact, our chef won the 2009 Triad Chef of the Year. However, in addition to taste, we emphasize the entire dining experience. With both casual and formal dining, as well as a private dining room free for reservations, residents at The Village experience a combination of excellent food, warm atmosphere, camaraderie and exquisite service to make the experience special.

The Edith Street Café includes both inside and patio dining and is more casual in atmosphere and service. Residents may enjoy the salad bar and a selection of soups, entrees, fresh vegetables and desserts. The dining staff presents delectable foods while also offering foods for people who need low sugar, low salt or gluten-free selections. Lakeside Dining is the formal dining venue with a varied menu and foods to please a sophisticated palate. Lakeside Dining offers complete tableside service, including serving both beer and wine upon request.

For residents who desire a more personal dining experience, they may reserve The Village's lovely private dining room, located adjacent to the Tavern, for themselves and guests.